Classes are still running during COVID-19!

Due to COVID-19 and the government of Ontario’s suggestions, some start dates have been pushed back from their prior schedule. All classes are still active, and will take place virtually through the use of our online learning platform. Once restrictions are lifted, the practical hands-on portion of your program will commence at your KLC campus.

Next Start Dates

Kingston: Every Monday

Program Overview

The Web Design and Programming Diploma, approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, is a 40 week program that entails one thousand hours in instruction and experience in the development of website design, web development, and implementation.

Graduates are prepared to immediately enter the work force in environments including design studios, advertising agencies, interactive web and game design studios, marketing firms, software and web development companies. Web designer is truly a broad job title that can be applied to the several careers involved in creating and maintaining web sites but can also contribute to web support careers like SEO, e-marketing, developing web content, hosting providers.

Graduates of the Website Design & Development Program…


  • Work as web support by providing SEO, ways of positioning businesses in a google search, e-marketing, developing web content and managing hosting providers
  • May work with graphic designers, translating print content into the web medium and introduce new marketing trends such a social networking systems to business and service industries
  • Enjoy pursuing new skill sets and competencies
  • Have an aptitude for computer skills
  • Are interested in visual aspects of the world around you
  • Have some artistic flare

The program is partially self-facilitating, in that the student is provided with self-directed learning modules. If the student has difficulty with any particular area, they receive one-on-one instruction with one of the instructors present in the classrooms.

The Website Design & Development program includes but is not limited to the following skills and competencies:

Web Design and Development Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, you must have the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School diploma (Grade 12) or equivalent
  • Demonstrated English, communication and comprehension skills
  • The equivalent standing at the general level in English

Web design and Development Graduation Requirements

To receive your diploma from KLC College, students must fulfill all course requirements to the satisfaction of school administration. This includes successful course and work placement completion and tuition paid in full.

All students are required to maintain an average academic standing of 70% or better. Students must pass both theory and practical components of the course. Internship assessment will be completed by the host placement. A diploma is granted when all course work is successfully completed.

Program Info

Who Hires KLC Graduates?

Design Firms & Ad Agencies
Retail Stores
Service Industries
Government Agencies
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