Next Start Dates

Kingston: January 15, 2024
Toronto: January 15, 2024

PSW Course Program Overview

The NACC-approved Personal Support Worker Certification Program approved under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2015. This program prepares graduates to provide supportive care to individuals across the lifespan by assisting them with their activities of daily living. Clients in your care may include those experiencing cognitive impairment, physical disability, and mental health challenges. Ontario PSW Course graduates typically find employment in a variety of care settings including community, retirement homes, long-term care homes, and hospitals.

Practical Internship Experience

Clinical placement provides students with an opportunity to practice their new skills in a work setting. While on placement, students gain experience in a wide range of PSW skills, become more self-confident, and in some cases receive offers of employment from the placement site. During clinical placements, students will spend time working in a facility, community agency, acute care facility and various other settings under the supervision of their instructor and under a preceptor provided by the host site.

NACC Approved

The National Association of Career Colleges has represented career colleges across Canada since the 1800s. They have a long, proud history of supporting the national interests of Canadian career colleges, through their mission of being the voice and enabler of opportunities for their college members like KLC College and benefits for our students.

Graduates of the PSW Course Program…


  • Are rewarded with career opportunities that allow them to make a valuable contribution to the healthcare field
  • Have job opportunities in hospitals and long-term care facilities
  • Like to establish and maintain positive supportive relationships
  • Are dependable, punctual and flexible
  • Enjoy working with the public
  • Want to provide dignified and respectful care to clients

The full-time program consists of 24 weeks of in class theory, demonstrations and clinical placements. The part-time program is 35 weeks and students complete theory several evenings a week with clinical placements on weekends. Students will gain valuable knowledge and skills during the theory portion in preparation for clinical placement that commences once the theory has been successfully completed.

The PSW program includes but is not limited to the following modules:

PSW Course Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, you must have the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School diploma (Grade 12) or equivalent (foreign credentials must be translated into English and compared for Grade 12 equivalency by a recognized organization) or mature student with a score of 14 or more on the Wonderlic SLE
  • Medical Certificate (immunization form) – student must be fit to complete all components of the program and have up-to-date immunization status. Immunization for Hepatitis B for non-immune students is recommended.
  • Vulnerable sector check
  • Canada-wide police clearance of criminal record. Note: if long-term care facility placement does not begin until after 6 months following provision of the original Clearance, the student must have the Clearance completed again to satisfy placement requirements
  • Technical literacy exam must be completed by all students as part of the admission process, and prior to accepting the student for admission to the program

PSW Course Graduation Requirements

To receive your certificate from KLC College, students must fulfill all course requirements to the satisfaction of school administration. This includes successful course and work placement completion and tuition paid in full.

All students are required to maintain an average academic standing of 70% or better. Students must pass both theory and practical components of the course. Internship assessment will be completed by the host placement. A certificate is granted when all course work is successfully completed.

Program Info

Who Hires KLC Graduates?

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