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Pharmacy technician college courses
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 September 8, 2020

Pharmacy Technician Program Overview:                              

The Pharmacy Technician Program at KLC College is a 40-week diploma program that provides students with the theoretical, practical, and experiential learning experiences to prepare them for a career as a Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPhT). Pharmacy Technicians are vital members of our health care team who protect the security and integrity of the drug distribution system, and collaborate with other health care professionals to enhance medication safety and optimize drug therapy outcomes for all Canadians.

The Pharmacy Technician Program curriculum meets the competencies and outcomes set forth by the Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association (CPTEA), the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), and the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP).


Our educational program prepares graduates to meet entry-to-practice requirements as a Registered Pharmacy Technician and offers a seamless transition to the workplace. The Pharmacy Technician Program at KLC College: Healthcare, Business, Education has been awarded status of Full Accreditation by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs for a four year term January 1st, 2017 – December 31, 2020.


Graduates of the Pharmacy Technician Program at KLC College are allowed to continue the registration process with the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP). After pre-registering with the OCP, graduates may proceed to Structured Practical Training (SPT), write the Jurisprudence Exam, and complete the Qualifying Exams with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).


What does a Pharmacy Technician do?

The Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians specify the minimum standards of practice a pharmacy technician must meet, and against which their performance will be measured by their regulatory authority. The standards apply to all practicing pharmacy technicians.

Since 2011, there has been substantial focus placed on the regulated status of Pharmacy Technicians. In 2007, NAPRA prepared the Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice. These competencies describe the roles and responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians as regulated health care professionals, articulating that pharmacy technician’s expertise focuses on the knowledge, skills and abilities related to the technical elements of prescription and patient information, and of product and drug distribution. Pharmacy technicians are responsible and accountable for ensuring the safety and quality of prescription-product preparation and release, and pharmacy technicians collaborate with pharmacists in health and wellness promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management, and in supporting the autonomy of patients. Individual provinces/territories have adopted or adapted these competencies while developing related legislation, regulations and policies.

As a next step, NAPRA developed Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians (MSOPPT). The format adopted for the MSOPPT draws from that of the Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacists, which includes four domains related to medication expertise, collaboration, safety/quality and professionalism / ethics. For the Pharmacy Technicians, these domains have been adjusted to reflect technician’s focus on the technical aspects of pharmacy practice.

Expertise in drug distribution systems:

·  Pharmacy technicians maintain their competence.

·  Pharmacy technicians apply their drug distribution expertise while performing their daily activities.

·  Pharmacy technicians provide evidence of application of their drug distribution expertise through documentation.


·  Pharmacy technicians work constructively with students, peers and members of the inter-professional team.

·  Pharmacy technicians communicate effectively.

Safety and Quality:

·  Pharmacy technicians undertake continuing professional development, quality assurance and quality improvement.

·  Pharmacy technicians respond to safety risks.

Professionalism and Ethics:

·  Pharmacy technicians demonstrate professionalism and apply ethical principles in their daily work.



Career Outlook:


As an established college, operating since 1982, two of the most common questions we receive are: “what program should I take” and “which careers in the highest demand”. It is our view that student should choose career based on their national interest, skills and passions. If you choose a career you love and are good at, you will likely prosper.  However, there is one career path in particular that we feel is in significant demand: Pharmacy Technician.


All Healthcare professionals will remain in high demand

In 2014, 15% of the Canada’s population was over 65 years old. According to Statistics Canada, this is expected to increase to a whopping 24% over the next twenty.  This trend towards an older average age in Canada will lead to a higher demand for all healthcare professional such as Pharmacy Technicians, Personal Support Workers, Dental Assistants, Physiotherapy Assistants, Medical Office Assistants, etc.


Pharmacy Technicians are expected to be one of the most in-demand careers

We expect Pharmacy Technicians to be one of the most in-demand careers. Pharmacy Technicians should not only benefit from increased demand for all healthcare professionals but also increased shared responsibility in pharmacy while pharmacists are more focused on solving drug therapy problems and providing cognitive services to patients.


Admission requirements:

  1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (grade 12 or equivalent) or G.E.D with 60% mark or higher in the following courses:
  2. College or University level mathematics
  3. Graduation from a high school in Canada with three/four consecutive, first language English or French courses/credits (depending on Provincial Regulatory requirements); or Graduation from a Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) in Quebec with three consecutive, first language English or French courses/credits; or An undergraduate degree from a university in Canada, whose instruction was provided in English or French.
  4. College or University level biology
  5. College or University level chemistry
  6. Keyboarding skills: 35 wpm upon entry
  7. An interview with Academic Program Coordinator may be required
  8. Medical documentation with Up-to-Date Immunizations
  9. Clear Criminal Record Check including vulnerable sector screening


Admission into a CCAPP-accredited pharmacy technician program should be limited to candidates who provide documentation of one of the following as evidence of language proficiency:

  1. Language proficiency test results that meet the NAPRA Language Proficiency Requirements for Licensure as a Pharmacy Technician in Canada; or
  2. Graduation from a high school in Canada with three consecutive, first language English or French courses/credits; or
  3. Graduation from a Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) in Quebec with three consecutive, first language English or French courses/credits; or
  4. An undergraduate degree from a university in Canada, whose instruction was provided in English or French.

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

Students applying to KLC College’s Pharmacy Technician program who have already completed another similar CCAPP accredited program may be given consideration for previous work. Credit in individual Pharmacy Technician courses will be granted for successful completion of equivalent CCAPP accredited courses only. All supporting transcripts and detailed course outlines (course descriptions in calendars are not sufficient) must be included with transfer credit application. Advance standing for prior completed work placement or experience is not transferable. Student must still complete a minimum of fifty percent of the program to receive our diploma.


Program Outline

The Pharmacy Technician Program is a 40-week program consisting of 1200 hours of instructional and clinical placements.


Courses include:


Introduction to Community Pharmacy Practices (80 hrs)

Anatomy/Physiology and Pharmacology (160 hrs)

Pharmacy Calculations (80 hrs)

Law, Ethics, Professionalism and Standards of Practice (64 hrs)

Essential Communication Skills (56 hrs)

Pharmacy Management and Inventory (48 hrs)

Natural Health and OTC Products (32 hrs)

Advanced Community Pharmacy Dispensing (80 hrs)

Principles of Sterile Preparations and Aseptic Techniques (72 hrs)

Pharmaceutical Compounding (64 hrs)

Hospital Pharmacy Practices (72 hrs)

Long-term Care Concepts (32 hrs)

Practice and Career Development (32 hrs)

Intra-Professional Education (online), WHMIS (28 hrs)

Retail Pharmacy Placement (150 hours)

Hospital Pharmacy Placement (150 hours)


Employment Opportunities

The Pharmacy Technician Program prepares students for a rewarding professional career in a market with many job opportunities in traditional community and institutional settings, and other practice settings including the private sector, education, and public health.


KLC College Pharmacy Technician graduates have been hired by:

  • Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC)
  • Providence Care Hospital
  • Qunite Health Care Belleville General
  • Lennox & Addington County General Hospital (Napanee)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Medical Arts / Lovell Drugs
  • Loblaw Pharmacy
  • Wal-Mart
  • No Frills Pharmacy
  • Rexall Drugs
  • Weller Pharmacy
  • Graham’s Pharmacy


“I truly appreciate every single moment I spent at KLC in the Pharmacy Technician Program. Most relationships I have made are likely going to be lifelong. I can testify that I am way different from what I was when I commenced my journey at the college. Socially, academically, professionally and otherwise, I have grown through my KLC experiences. Thanks to the wonderful instructors and staff I was able to successfully complete my board exams and find employment in my chosen field. The Pharmacy Technician program is an amazing program, at a great school.” – Mandi, Class of 2016