Why Business Administration Course Grads are a Crucial Office Asset

become an office administrator
Office administrators are an important part of any business. They are highly organized, professional mulitaskers, and custodians of order and structure in the workplace.

Depending on the organization and its needs, administrators can play many roles at the company they work for. They are in charge of planning and scheduling, communicating with clients and employees, basic accounting, and much more.

Are you considering a career in business administration? Read on to find out why this job is so important to every business.

Administrators Bring Impeccable Organization to the Office

Office administrators are crucial to any business because they are responsible for maintaining an organized and efficient working environment. Administrators juggle tons of tasks and responsibilities throughout the work day, but keeping the company organized is at the forefront of their duties.

An office administrator’s organization skills are essential to the success of any business

An office administrator’s organization skills are essential to the success of any business

Some of the daily organization tasks you’ll take on as an office administrator include:

  • Answering and transferring calls
  • Organizing team schedules
  • Managing calendars
  • Planning travel itineraries and events
  • Sending correspondence and sorting mail
  • Scheduling meetings and taking notes
  • Filing important documents and making photocopies

And that’s not where the organizing ends! Because a professional administrator usually has some stellar organizational skills, they are often tasked with keeping the whole office efficient, maintaining a productive environment throughout the entire workplace.

Administrators are the Key to a Productive Environment

After completing your business administration course, you’ll learn that your new role will involve plenty of communication with clients, your colleagues, and your employer. As such, excellent communication skills are a major asset to an office administrator’s job, as they often act as the face and voice of an organization.

You may be expected to provide motivation to employees, as well as to communicate the goals of the company, through things like interoffice memos, official announcements and company newsletters. You could also be tasked with detailing the rules and regulations of the organization and applying them to ensure a friendly, welcoming and distraction-free work environment for your colleagues.

Some office administrators, typically those working at smaller companies, may even be put in charge of basic human resources functions such as the hiring, training and assessment of employees.

Office Administrators Can Play a Part in Business Accounting

After completing your business administration college program, be prepared to wear many hats once you land a job and begin your career. Apart from being the office organization guru and employee relations coordinator, you’ll likely be asked to do some simple accounting for the company as well. This can include things like general bookkeeping, budgeting and payroll. You may also assist with budget planning, as well as preparing and submitting tax forms, preparing invoices for clients, and paying suppliers.

Business administrators may have simple accounting responsibilities

Business administrators may have simple accounting responsibilities

To effectively complete the tasks required of you as an admin, you’ll need a working knowledge of various computer programs and software such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. A good business administration college will help you master the technology you need to succeed in your new role.

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