Why an Internship Is a Key Part of a Dental Assistant Diploma Program

dental assistant diploma program

When you are preparing for a career in dental assistance, the learning you do in a classroom builds a strong and substantial foundation of knowledge. For example, it is critical to be familiar with anatomy and physiology, along with the names of dentists’ tools, radiography, and infection control, among other topics. However, your theoretical knowledge must be applied in order for it to be complete.

Clinical Theory classes start you on the path to the application of classroom knowledge by giving you hands-on experiences doing things like taking x-rays, doing coronal polishing, and using an oral evacuator. The next step is vital and it is your placement internship. Here are a few reasons why this element of your education is all-important.

Get to Know Your Daily Routine

If you have thought about pursuing a dental assistant career, then you are probably familiar with a list of tasks you might be responsible for once you start working. Knowing what to expect is important, but when you start an internship at a dental office you will get a true sense of how all of these tasks fit together in a regular work day. There is variety in a dental office and during your internship you will get a chance to adjust to the pace of a professional office.

 Every day of your internship you will have the chance to learn from dentists and hygienists

Every day of your internship you will have the chance to learn from dentists and hygienists

It is likely that within one day, or even a few hours of one day, you will rely on knowledge from several courses. You will get to practice performing your role within a team, gaining the guidance of experienced dentists and hygienists along the way. They will be like your real-world teachers who can field questions about how best to apply your knowledge.

Gain Confidence to Enter the Job Market

The benefits of an internship during your dental assistant diploma program do not end with real-world experience. In fact, one of the biggest advantages to an internship is that it can help increase your confidence. When you have a chance to see how your classroom lessons actually help people and support the efficiency of a professional office, you will gain confidence in your career choice and what it entails.

An internship will also improve your resume by adding work experience to it. When you apply for jobs and go for interviews, you will be able to reference tasks in the job description that you have already done. The internship also demonstrates your ability to adapt your knowledge from the classroom to the job, putting all the hard work you put into school on display.

Real World Complexity Solidifies Dental Assistant Course Lessons

When first learning information, it is important that the questions and answers are clear. However, the real world is much more complex. Situations with clients vary and there may be more than one way to solve a problem. First-hand experience with this kind of complexity and nuance makes your theoretical knowledge more thorough because you must apply it in different ways. Overall, your internship will transform lessons into valuable skills.

Practice makes perfect, and it’s important to put your skills to the test!

Practice makes perfect, and it’s important to put your skills to the test!

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