4 Remote Job Paths for an Office Admin Graduate

The rise of remote working during COVID-19 has meant an increased need for trained and qualified individuals who have the skills to manage online or virtual office workloads. Office administrators have always been important to the running of businesses, but there are many more ways to apply that skillset. Here are 4 remote job paths for office administrators.


1. Community Manager

The surge in virtual communication between businesses and their customers means an increase in the need for Community Managers. These individuals are responsible for developing and maintaining a strong community based around the businesses and brands they work for. They’re the ones who help to manage outward communications like conversations with online communities by listening to and corresponding with the fanbase, followers and subscribers of an organization. They are an integral part of the ability to personalize and build strong relationships with consumers, so having the ability to project manage as well as coordinate internal team members is an essential element of this role.


2. Personal Virtual Assistant

With people’s schedules becoming more hectic due to the changes in society and the workplace, qualified and trained virtual assistants are in demand. A personal virtual assistant is an individual who is skilled and training in organization and task management, allowing them to provide daily administrative & scheduling tasks for entrepreneurs, executives, and families. A virtual assistant is able to work remotely through multiple communication channels such as email, video chat, instant messaging, and phone. Being trained in the management of office settings provides you with the tools to excel as a personal virtual assistant.


3. Data Entry Clerk

Jobs in the data entry field have been evolving to become practical for remote work. Being hired as a data entry clerk means using your training to enter data from various sources into your company’s computer systems for it then be processed and managed. These roles play an important part of the transfer and recording of crucial, sensitive, and often confidential information, so someone with an education background that encourages attention to detail and management of multiple projects will likely have an advantage when working in this type of job.


4. Transcriptionist

If you have a good ear, an eye for detail, and fast fingers, then a transcriptionist job may be for you. They are hired to create accurate word-for-word written versions of recordings (both audio and video), and review or edit automatic transcriptions completed by speech recognition software. The hiring in this field is done by companies with high volume of recordings to be transcribed, as well as transcription companies who sell these services independently. Either way, with the increase in Zoom calls and virtual meetings, the need for trained transcribers is only increasing.

Want a rewarding job where you work remotely?

The global pandemic has seen an increase in demand for work-from-home jobs. Consider expanding your career options to include remote work, armed with the foundational training provided from KLC’s Office Administration diploma program!