Website Design and Development Courses – Graphic Design

Web design and development courses - graphic design
Web Design and Development (Graphic Design for Digital Media)
Program Description
Graduates are prepared to immediately enter the work force in environments including design studios, advertising agencies, interactive web and game design studios, marketing firms, software and web development companies. Web designer is truly a broad job title that can be applied to the several careers involved in creating and maintaining web sites but can also contribute to web support careers like SEO, e-marketing, developing web content, hosting providers. The Web Design and Programming Diploma, approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, is a 40 week program that entails one thousand hours in instruction and experience in the development of website design, web development, and implementation. The program is directed toward individuals seeking a new skill sets in the workplace. We provide one to one instruction in design layout, color theory, visual communication theory and typography; as well as instruction in industry standard software and current programming languages.
Skills and Compentencies
  • Basic design layout, color theory and typography
  • Visual communication theory
  • Research strategies and design processes
  • Critiquing and understanding trends in website design
  • Understanding the differences betweeen web and print design/re-purposing from print to web
  • Working effectively with clients/prototyping client websites
  • Instruction in Adobe’s Industry Standard Creative Cloud Programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Flash
  • Content writing to the web and usability principles
  • Interface design & user experience principles
  • Edit And Create HTML5/CSS3 Based Web Sites
  • Create complex graphics for the webUpload and edit websites on a server
  • Become competent using Flash and Actionscripting 3.0
  • Understand Content Management Systems(CMS) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO)



Grade 12 or equivalent is needed with demonstrated English proficiency, communication and comprehension skills. Students must have the equivalent standing at the general level in English.

Employment Opportunities

Area employers that hire our graduates include:

  • Design firms
  • Retail stores
  • Service industries
  • Queen’s University
  • Government agencies
  • Istorm
  • Smallworld Media Group
  • St. Lawrence College
  • The DigiGraphics
  • PrintFusion Inc.
  • Advertising Agencies

As a Graduate of the Web and Graphic Design Program….

  • Designing, implementing and maintaining web sites , working as web support by providing SEO,(ways of positioning  businesses in a google search) e-marketing, developing web content and hosting providers. You may work with graphic designers, translating print content into the web medium and introduce new marketing trends such a social networking systems to business and service industries.

A Web and Graphic Design Program is for you if…. 

  • You enjoy pursuing new skill sets and competencies, have an aptitude for computer, if you are interested in visual aspects of the world around you and have some artistic flare.


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