College Testimonials

Personal Support Worker

I found that this program was very interesting and I learned a lot from the teachers. They insured we understood everything. if you needed help or had question they were there to help… I loved the hands on and would recommend this program to anyone.

Lindsay MacIntyre

This PSW program at KLC College has been such a great experience. The teachers are fantastic and the small classes make it so much more easier for learning. It’s very nice to be a part of a college that is very supportive and helpful in all aspects. I am very appreciative to have teachers that care so much about our success. I am so happy I found out about KLC and the PSW program.

Natasha Ruth

The Program is great! I find the teachers are amazing very informative and want you to succeed and not fail. I felt I wasn’t afraid to ask questions at all. It was really fun to learn about new things. I felt prepared to go on placement.

Sarah Fleet

Great program, great teachers, great classmates had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

Matt MacPhail

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to school but I am so glad I did, the school is very accommodating and understanding. The staff have been more then amazing, they share their own experiences and tips and how to survive in the real world. At KLC you’re not just a number, you’re respected and valued and it has been a fantastic experience.

Brittany Nash

I had a great experience. The teachers were amazing. Small class size allowed for a lot of one on one time. I would definitely recommend   this program. Very Happy I chose to come to KLC College.

Jessica Barnes

I am an International Student, I experienced a great school time at KLC College. Everything was very well organized and instructors and staff are kind and trustful people.

Tomoko Udo


Intra Oral Dental Assisting

The Intra oral dental assisting program at KLC in Kingston has giving me the training and confidence on an everyday basis to achieve a successful career as a certified dental assistant! Both Instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful and are equally excited to see students do well.

Meghan Wall

I feel that this program is laid out well, and easy to follow. The instructors do their best to make sure all students have a good understanding of the theory and clinic. I believe that I will be successful when it comes time to write NDAEB.

Wendy Riess

I Enrolled at KLC College for the Intra Oral dental assisting and it has been tan awesome experience so far, a lot of hard work to be able to achieve in this program but always so worth it. The teachers are such amazing companionate people who are strong for helping during the weak parts in the course. I am so thankful for two instructors I had. The school itself is a friendly environment. Thank you KLC for a great experience in College.

Ashley Moore

As a mom of two small children, I found that it was made very easy to pursue college while being able to maintain my home life. Both instructors were more than accommodating and went above and beyond all of my expectations. Since starting this course, my self-confidence and perseverance has sky-rocked!  I feel very confident that I will have a lifelong career in intra oral dental assisting upon completion of the IODA course. I would recommend to ANYONE interested in dental assisting, KLC has the best program and instructors hands down.

Katelyn MacDonald

I am so glad that I chose to enrol in the IODA program at KLC College. The program Coordinator and instructor have been such an inspiration, an support team, passionate with impeccable knowledge and professionalism in their field. Their main goal is to success and instilling the confidence and knowledge in all if the IODA students. My experience is one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Tanichia  Tye

The Intra oral Dental assisting program at KLC is an all around excellent school! Knowledge and professional staff, great atmosphere for learning and uses the most current and up to date resources available for learning on preparation to enter the workplace.

Stephanie Jolly

I enrolled into the intra oral dental assisting progrma at KLC very last minute and everyone at the college made it very easy and had got everything in order for me super fast.  It’s a great learning environment. I am extremely happy I came to this school both teacher are great and I couldn’t imagine any two better instructors to have through this journey!

Megan Fawcett

The KLC Program gave me the knowledge and skills to go into the dental field. The instructors are always willing and ready to help in any way shape or form. They make sure that we will succeed. Amazing people.

Kim Thomas

My Experience in the IODA program at KLC has been great. The course is intense and keeps you on your toes, but a number of different learning techniques are used in order to ensure you are able to learn the skills and knowledge you need. Both the instructors have been fantastic, professional yet fun at the same time. I look forward to beginning a career in this field.

Kathryn Halliday


Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant

As a mature, age 54, student stepping back into the classroom, after working in one career for a better part of 30 years, was a big change and challenge. The PTA/OTA course has an intense curriculum with a vast number of interesting topics covered over a short period of time. That being said the Teachers are informative and always willing to assisting in whatever way they can. They make the course enjoyable and interactive. The administration at KLC also is always there to assist and make you continuing education experience smooth and pleasant. For anyone looking to take on a new career, I would highly recommend talking with KLC to discuss the PTA/OTA Program.

Barb Conlon

The PTA/OTA program at KLC College has opened my eyes to a world of career paths I did not know that existed; before graduating I had received four jobs offers from enthusiastic employers in my field. I am looking forward to getting back to working and putting my new skills to practice.

Robert Babij

What I liked the most about the course was how small the class was. We came together as a group to help each other and by the end of the year we were all very close. The teachers got to know us all very well also; our strengths and weaknesses; they were more they willing to help us make it through the area which we struggled. While I was completing my placement I was hired on full-time with still 4 weeks left till completion. The field of PTAOTA is highly in demand due to the amount clinics that are continuously opening up and needed people with education as a PTA/OTA.

Lyndsay Horton

The thing I liked most about the program was how I could take t=on the extra workload without feeling alone in it all. The smaller classes allowed you to get to know your teacher and fellow students well and get the extra support if you needed it.

Carrie Shorey

At 43 years old my current place of employment closed it doors! I had a major life decision to make, and I chose to go back to school. I enrolled in the PTA/OTA program at KLC. With the support of my family and some great teachers at the college I was able to obtain my diploma. The in-class teaching as well as the placements at the end of the program prepares you very well for the working world. Within 3 months I was able to find part-time employment and by 6 month I had full time hours. Currently I work in both long term care home and a hospital. Thank you KLC for giving me this great opportunity.

Kim Klien Gunnewiek

I really enjoyed the PTA/OTA program and am glad I choose to take it, I love working with the residents and being able to help them improve their health on a physical level

Angela Clow

Having two different placements (hospital and clinic) helped me to see the array of responsibilities a PTA can have. I was able to use the tools we learned and apply them to real life. I also received a part time job offer right out of my placement.

Nicole Leonarduzzi

I chose KLC because I was a single mother of two, and I needed to get back into the workforce quickly. The PTA/OTA staffs were student-centered and helped me get through the program successfully. Placements were flexible and offered me practical experience in multiple work environments to get ready for a career in rehabilitation. I experienced many placements environments which enabled me to apply both the theoretical and practical PTA/OTA contents, and to give me experience in the range of demographics and injuries within each area of practice.

Candis McCourt


Education Assistant

After completing the education assistant program here at KLC College together we feel that a combination of placement experience and Classroom direction has allow us to develop our skills, and utilize them successfully in our future employment. This program has helped us to realize our potential both personally and professionally. Our instructor has such a positive impact on us that we decide to further our education by continuing on with the child and youth work program at KLC College.

Ashley Kelly and Christine Rawcliffe

Child and youth Worker

As students in the child and youth worker program we have had a great experience with both courses and placements. Our instructor has provided us with real life experiences to best prepare us for the workforce.  During our time in this program it has built our confidence and helped us to realize our abilities to be successful in our future endeavours

Darryl Weaver and Natasha Strickland


Medical Administration

There are so many good things to say about the medical administration program at KLC College. I loved being able to work at my own pace and to have the instructors available whenever I needed help. The easy payment plan and the small class size was an added bonus.

Kim McWilliams

I chose this program thinking I’d like to have a future in the medical field because it’s exciting and it’s a constant flow of knowledge and learning new things. I didn’t realize that by choosing KLC that I’d not only walk away with a greater understanding of the medical field but a ton of personal relationships with people from diverse network of backgrounds. We are all here for a common goal… to better ourselves and in doing so we builds each other and learn from each other. This school is by far the best choice for this program because it is self-facilitating .This meant that largely you who teaches yourself, you are made responsible for your education and how well you excel at the program. You are credited for your level of education and your grasp of the material based on the effort you put into your education. I feel that this makes KLC students the better options for employers when it comes to interviewing and being employable prospect because we work harder to achieve our diplomas than students in other facilities who have instructor taught programs. I now have a greater understanding of the medical field and LOVE my job.

Lisa Halladay-Mack